Welcome punks lovers!

3D Punks were inspired by the original CryptoPunks.
They follow the same archetype with different types (Ape, Zombie, Male, Female)… but they’re 3D and there will only ever be 100 of them!
This project is not affiliated with Larva Labs and use the Binance Smart Chain.

Pre-sale ends in








3D Punk – Randomly Distributed

Buy one 3D Punk randomly. After this pre-sale, you will receive your 3D Punk in your wallet and you will be able to sell it on any marketplace that allow Binance Smart Chain. There will only ever be 100 units forever.

USD $520

~ 1.9 BNB

~ 0.25 ETH

The exact cryptocurrency rate will be applied at the checkout step.

84 in stock

The Creator

3D Punks are made single-handedly by an anonymous, talented artist. Each punk is carefully and individually detailed and all of them are unique! We decided to launch this project on the Binance Smart Chain because we trust this new blockchain with low fees to create and publish art on it.

If you want to be updated about any news about 3D Punks, don’t hesitate to follow us on Twitter and join our Telegram group.


When I will receive my 3D Punk?
You will receive your 3D Punk after the pre-sale end on this website. We’ll send you directly to the wallet address you paid with. If you want to receive your 3D Punk in another wallet, please contact us.

How much do these punks cost?
Initial listings are set between 0.7-0.9ETH. The price will be higher on the second-hand market.

Can I sell my 3D Punk on Opensea, Rarible, or other platforms?
Once we deliver the 3D Punk to your wallet, you will be able to sell it on other platforms that accept Binance Smart Chain.
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